Can you hear those sirens calling you?

January 23, 2012

limited edition screen print - ocean swimmer
The third in my ocean series of screen prints. This one is more of a waterman than a sailor, with a nod to the watermen on Hawaii who thing nothing of paddling a long board between O’ahu and Maui. This print is about the ocean. The figure is not really tattooed but his body is a frame for the waves and water within it. All beautiful things come with some peril involved. The Sea is an unforgiving territory that has claimed many lives. The two sirens on the figures legs bear witness to this, they are representations of mermaids that sing sweetly to lure sailors on to rocks. Like all the other prints in this series the figure faces away from us, we can’t know this mans face as we can’t fully know the ocean.
This print is titled, Ocean Swimmer.

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I can reach you over an ocean… nice octopus!

January 20, 2012

Limited edition screen print- sailor with peacck

The second in my ocean series of screen prints, this sailor heavily tattooed with an octopus and a peacock, strange combination you might say. But, the peacock is a symbol of immortality and the octopus although vaguer in it’s symbolic meaning represents reaching into a lot of things. I like the marriage of the two meanings. Old sailors tattoos are often in some way trying to protect or act as a trophy or an award, I like the idea that this sailor can stare out into the ocean unafraid of death and feel like he can go anywhere he pleases without any risk of harm.
This print is titled, Sailor with peacock

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The Ocean Series – Screen Prints

January 19, 2012


limited edition screen print- sailor with swallows

I’ve been wanting to do these screen prints for ages. They were a struggle. I drew the positives on tracing paper with indian ink and it was a bit of a dark art calculating the expose time. But I got there in the end. There are three in total.

All sailors, all to do with the mystery of the ocean. There is obviously a very heavy japanese print influence going on, but they are also very much influenced by naval tattoos. This fist one for instance has images of swallows which have a symbolic meaning when represented as a tattoo. Back in the days before modern navigation birds would obviously represent land and tattoos of swallows, sparrows and blue birds came to represent a safe passage home. Swallows, maybe because of their migratory habits came to represent successfully sailing a certain amount of miles. 

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Alpha male. Get the hell out of this guys back yard. Mountain Gorilla

January 17, 2012

This illustration in progress is of the mountain Gorilla with his natural environment inside him.
illustration of a gorilla, habitat loss

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I Got My Fingers Tangled

December 16, 2011

There is an interview with yours truly at the superb blog Tangled Fingers, there is even a Mugshot! I spill the beans on my inspiration. It shows some of my illustrations from conception to completion.
Check it out here

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Boo hoo – The Nile Crocodile illustration

December 15, 2011

Illustration of a crocodile, River Nile contemporary illustration
Should we be crying over a Crocodile? Perhaps shedding some crocodile tears, just to pretend we care about its fate. apparently the myth about Crocodile tears comes from an anecdote first spread about by a man called Sir John Mandeville back in the 14th century. Crocodiles weep to lure their prey. But the bit I like is that they Weep While eating it! I had no idea crocodiles were so empathetic!
Anyway, here he is, the magnificent beast. The Nile crocodile. Part of my series of paintings about habitat loss. Although the Nile Crocodile is relatively secure and abundant in southern and eastern Africa, The same can’t be said in the central and western parts of its range. This is due to habitat loss and historical poaching.

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Contemporary legend – Sewer alligator

December 07, 2011

It goes like this: in the 1920’s and 1930’s families would return from holiday in Florida and bring back baby alligators to New York City, with the idea of keeping them as pets for their children. When the alligators grew too large for comfort, they’d be flushed down the toilet!

crocodile illustration watercolour

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Birds, Repeating Pattern – Wagtails

December 06, 2011

This is the start of the drawing; it is a repeating pattern so the clouds line up top and bottom.

repeating pattern of wagtilas (watercolour ion progress)

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55 million years old lizard that’ll eat you for breakfast! Crocodile Illustration

December 05, 2011

The Crocodile is an Icon of how life can prevail. At the end of the Eocene period from which it is first recognised to have come from (56-35 Million years ago) there was a massive extinction event called Grande Coupure or the “Great Break”. It caused widespread extinctions and isolated may spices forcing them to evolve. The crocodile Came through unscathed.

This is the start of an illustration of a crocodile. I’ve nearly finished the drawing , soon on with the watercolour.
Drawing of a crocodile in progress

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Illustrators Unlimited published by Gestalten

December 01, 2011

Illustrators Unlimited by Gestalten in Berlin is a collection of contemporary illustration from around the world. They included my work in this anthology, which was nice! There are many excellent illustrators included and you get a feel for trends happening today. If you want a copy gohere.
These Three Illustrations below are featured.


Sailor with Tattoos illustration

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Tiger in its Natural Habitat (in the forests of the night)

November 28, 2011

Tiger watercolour illustration
This illustration was a battle! I was so inspired by the plight of the tiger that I highlighted it in my earlier post. I wanted to stylise the tiger and put his environment inside him, but more than that, I wanted to introduce the camouflage element of stripes that are so distinctly “tiger”. As you’ll see below, I drew out a whole drawing and then abandoned it. It was bit too “pussy cat with a busted up back-end!” I Needed it to be more stealthy. So back to the drawing board I went – this is happening a lot lately. I seem to get too far down a particular avenue before I realise it’s wrong…

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Tiger, tiger, burning bright

November 25, 2011

Illustration in progress. Tiger in its natural habitat.

Tiger illustration in progress

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