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Whale island

January 16, 2018


I love this story! It is old, it comes from the 2nd Centry, probably from Greece. One of Sailors mistake sleeping whales for islands. They would tether their ships to the “island”, disembark and set up camp. The whale would then plunge to the depths of the ocean sinking all the ships and drowning the sailor

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Why our favourite pets are enemies

The DM Cats and Dogs sit side by side without a ruckus, but in the real world it’s not quite the same. The two popular pets often fight or at least reach a state of resentful co-existence. But according to a Chinese legend it wasn’t always so.... 

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Jungle Beasts

August 22, 2017


Rainforest or jungle?

Firstly we need to clear up the common misconception of what a true jungle habitat actually is. You could be forgiven for believing that a rainforest is a jungle, but there are some key differences between the two: jungles rightly reside next to rainforests, although they actually have less trees which means that more light can pass through the canopy - which in turn means that many more species of plant life can thrive; and where there’s an abundance of plant life, there’s an abundance of animals!

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Fertile ground for the imagination

A very skilled author would be able to set a story in practically any environment, but when it comes to setting a plot in a natural environment, some locations are literally more fertile for storytelling than others.  A compelling story set solely in a desert for example could prove to be relatively taxing on the authors imagination, but a jungle on the other hand, now there’s some substance to work with!   

See where the jungle took Daniel's imagination in the DM Jungle Collection.

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Companions great and small 

DM Collection animal art products

Humans have been keeping pets for centuries, covering a whole range of animals from those taking up huge amounts of space, time and effort to those requiring little to no attention in a corner (hello goldfish!). Of course, the easiest 'pet' to keep is the illustrated kind ... explore the DM Collection for your perfect companion. 

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The five best reasons to own a pet!

Almost half UK households have an animal member - whether that's a goldfish or a Great Dane. Some say no home is complete without one, but here are five fantastic reasons to get that pet : 

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Famous friends

July 18, 2017


The dogs behind five historical heroes

Canines have lived alongside humans for at least 14,000 years and have witnessed -or been involved in - some famous historical landmarks....

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Dog food

July 14, 2017


A powerful motivation

Although the saying goes 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach', it is perhaps truer of dogs than male humans. Our canine friends are usually enthusiastic eaters, and happy to sample what ever delights are available - whether from the table or the rubbish bin!

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Which dog suits your personality?

All the creatures in the DM Collection are full of personality but none more so than the Dogs! 

It's no wonder our canine companions are said to be man's best friend, with personalities as varied as their humans'. But what does your favourite breed of dog say about you? See all the DM Dog designs.

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The courtship of parrots

More than just bright plumage, Love Birds have equally vibrant personalities and form even stronger bonds. The couple in Daniel's  Love Birds design are simply enjoying each other's company - the perfect card for a wedding, anniversary, or perhaps as a subtle hint to the object of your affections?

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