Quack Quack! Ducks, repeating pattern.

May 02, 2012

Duck design, repeating pattern

Well at last I have finished this repeating pattern! you can see it in progress

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The Cat That Walked by Himself, or in this case, sat by himself.

May 01, 2012

Cat, watercolour painting in progress

Cat in the Garden

The longest story in Rudyard Kipling’s Just so Stories is, The Cat That Walked by Himself. It explains how all wild animals became domesticated by man except for the wildest of all, the cat. If you have read the story, like me you would have probably found it enchanting.

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Repeating pattern – Ducks rising on a misty morning

April 12, 2012

Repeating pattern design in progress. This is very much influenced by both japanese prints and William Morris. This way of making a repeating pattern effectively involves two drawings, one that is around the outside that will match up when the tile repeats and the other (in this case the ducks) in the middle of the page. This is watercolour so no doubt there will be a bit of messing around in photoshop afterwards to line up the pattern!

repat patern design in watercolour of ducks in progress

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Watercolour paintings featured in Rooms Magazine

April 11, 2012

couple of my illustrations are currently featured in Rooms Magazine, a magazine profiling intersting art.illustrations by Daniel Mackie in rooms magazine

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Mad I tell you! Hare Screen Print

March 30, 2012

Screen print in 3 colours, ultramarine, white and pink on japanese Atsukuchi paper,

limited edition silkscreen print of a hare

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Howl ‘in’ Wolf, well sulking little wolf pup! 3 colour screen print.

March 29, 2012

This is an Edition of 100 printed on beautiful japanese Atsukuchi paper, which is only 57gsm. Light but very strong. 485mm x 320mmWolf screen print

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Hare screen print – in progress

March 14, 2012

Hare drawn in Indian Ink

This is the first positive I’ve drawn for a new screen print. This is Indian ink on clear film. It’ll be a 3 colour print. This “layer” will be ultramarine.

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House of illustration – Drawings in progress. Folio Society Book competition

March 12, 2012

Illustration fro "The Bloody Chamber" in progress

These are two illustrations I did for The House of Illustration/Folio Society Illustration Competition. The images below show the progression from sketch through to finished art work.

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Howl – Are wolves really all bad?

March 06, 2012

positive for wolf screen print

Work in progress for a new screen print. This is one of the positives for a 3 colour screen print. It is indian ink on transparent film.

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The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, Illustration Competition – House of Illustration / Folio Society

March 02, 2012

The Bloody Chamber is a reworking of old fairy tales. I read all the stories, although the brief was to illustrate, The Bloody Chamber (the retelling of Blue Beard), Puss in Boots and The Company of Wolves (retelling of Little Red Ridding Hood).

Illustration for "The Bloddy Chamber" by Angela Carter

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Wagtail repeating pattern for Domestic Etch – Theme; Growth and Decay

February 27, 2012

bird tile of a repeating patternI was invited by arts magazine Domestic Etch to produce an illustration for their biannual magazine. The theme was Growth and Decay.

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Cocktail which will give you a critically dangerous headache. Mountain Gorilla

February 09, 2012

Watercolour illustration of a Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla illustration

The Mountain Gorilla is critically endangered. So what? What does that really mean? Critically Endangered is the highest risk category assigned by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List for wild species. Critically Endangered means that a species’ numbers have decreased, or will decrease, by 80% within three generations.

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