New designs

One of the new designs is a wolf!

The Big Bad Wolf is a fictional wolf appearing in cautionary tales which can be traced back to the 10th century. The stories have mellowed over the centuries. In modern versions of Little Red Riding Hood the grandmother is locked in the closet instead of being eaten. In 14th century France it was the ‘False grandmother’, and not always a wolf, sometimes an ogre! This is likely where the famous, lines come from,  “Goodness, what big teeth you have!”…...”All the better to eat you with”!

Greetings Cards

What animal are you?

These four are four of the best sellers. if you were an animal which on would you be?

Philosopher Isaiah Berlin has this to say,

...People are diveded into two groups, those who are “Hedgehogs”, people who view the world through the lens of a single defining idea.  And, “Foxes” ,who draw on a wide variety of experiences and for whom the world cannot be boiled down to a single idea. Which one are you?

Greetings Cards
Greetings Cards