Wild or welcoming?

by Gail Emerson August 25, 2016

Tiger versus tabby cat


Cats big and small - lion, tiger, black cat and cat in rose garden designs.

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So wild or welcoming? Big cats speak to us of the freedom to roam and protective fierceness combined with feline elegance. Our domestic pets still hold on to their independent spirit but choose the home comforts of a warm hearth and a comfortable lap. 

Every home is that little bit warmer with an animal companion, and few prove more popular than the cat. Cuddly yet independent and always full of personality, there's evidence of cats and humans living together going back to the Neolithic age. Their small size makes them perfect pets for even modest flats, and their only defence against eager toddlers is speed.  

Surprising then that they still have so much in common with fearsome predators who would have no trouble fending off an approaching child or adult for that matter. But cats big and small are in fact incredibly similar.

They both sleep and play is much the same way. Zoo keepers have found tigers enjoy playing with boxes and toilet rolls, like your average kitty. Snoozing all day is another common pastime. Cat nip is also popular between the species.

Although obviously their size and eating habits make big cats an impractical house pet - stick to a good artistic representation instead!

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Gail Emerson
Gail Emerson


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