It’s safer to be a garden cat than a ship's cat...

November 15, 2012

...unless you're lucky!


Black cat paintingThis watercolour of a cat in a Japanese garden is finished , you can see it in progress on my earlier post here.

So how did your moggy become your moggy? Well, tiddles, fluffy, Derick, Steven or flossy came from Egypt, and without doubt arrived by sea. Cats are no sailors but on board ships they can catch rats and mice, so they were part passengers, part crew members. The domestication of cats is believed to date back some 9,500 years, and the practice of taking cats aboard boats and ships began not long afterwards. The Ancient Egyptians took cats on board Nile boats to catch birds in the thickets along the riverbanks. 

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Hazardous Occupation?

November 09, 2012

Hare watercolour paintingHares have long been associated with people with hazardous occupations. Fishermen for example will not utter the word “hare” while at sea. They might not even get in their boats if they see a hare on the way to them. Miners similarly will not set foot in the mine shaft if they encounter a hare on the way to work.

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It’s all about your reputation – The Fox

November 07, 2012

Watercolour of a red fox with pattern
Historical the fox has gained a reputation as being cunning, wily and sly. In fact Field-Marshell Rommel was known as the “Desert Fox”.

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Is it Lucky to See a Black Cat?

October 15, 2012

Watercolour of a black cat in progress
This watercolour in progress is of a black cat at night in a Japanese garden.

Represented as good and bad, there are hundreds of myths and stories surrounding black cats.

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Rooster in Various Mythologies

October 11, 2012

watercolour of a rooster or cockerel
Here is the finished watercolour of The Rooster.
I mentioned in my earlier post about how the rooster featured in greek mythology.

The rooster features in many diffent cultures writtings and beliefs.

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Snow Monkey

September 25, 2012

Snow Monkey watercolour painting in progress by Daniel Mackie
You may Have seen these little chaps on television wildlife documentaries, these are the monkey’s that lounge around in hot tubs all day long! Mind you, the snow monkey lives in areas where snow covers the ground for months each year, so wouldn’t you do the same!

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Monkey Monkey Monkey!

September 21, 2012

golden sub nosed monkey baby watercolour painting

Baby Snub-Nosed Golden Monkey.


Watrecolour in progress. As you can see I am making use of a wonderful colour pigment here, Quinacridone gold. Winsor and newton artists’ watercolour, as you can tell it is like a yellow ochre/ burnt sienna mix but with a bit of gold, perfect for this little chaps fur!

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It’s a Dog's Life!

September 14, 2012

Watercolour painting of a hound
This water colour painting of a hound is now available at my Shop as a card or a print.
You can see it in progress on my earlier post.
According to research your personality type is reflected in the dog you own. Hound dogs tend to be owned by emotionally stable people. For example the first president of America, George Washington owned a hound.
The research conducted by Dr Lance Workman tested 1000 dog owners with a questionable. He found that…..

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How the Rooster got his ‘Cock-a-Doodle-doo’

September 06, 2012

cockerel watercolour in progress

This watercolour in progress is sticking with my theme of animals in the natural habitat but with their natural habitat inside them, albeit stylised. ( the blobs on his tail is masking fluid)

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Sleeping Fox Screen Print

September 04, 2012

3 colour screen print of a sleeping fox
This is a 3 colour screen print printed on Japanese paper.

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Scent Hound

August 29, 2012

Watercolour of English Foxhound

Watercolour in progress of a scent hound. This one is an English Fox hound.

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Blue Fox

August 24, 2012

Screen print of a fox
This is the finished limited edition screen print. You can see the progress in my earlier post. I decided to print UltraMarine and white on a yellowish Japanese paper called Atsukuchi paper, which is only 57gsm. Light but very strong. The print is 320mm x 485mm.

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