The Jaguar

by Gail Emerson October 20, 2016

The most magical of the big cats

The jaguar roams as the day turns to dusk, and twilight shadows shimmer on its skin. It's no wonder that this most beautiful and mysterious of the big cats is a hero of folktales from all the lands he roams. See the three tumbling jaguar designs as you peer into the DM Twilight Collection.

The ancient Mayans told of how the night's starry sky was contained in the black fur's sheen, as the jaguar moved across the landscape. They also prayed to the jaguar sun who raced across the sky each day, in pursuit of the dark lord of the underworld. All night the jaguar sun king would fight, before emerging triumphant in the east at dawn. 

The most mysterious of the big cats also pops up in ancient Sanskrit fables from India and appears in folk tales from Brazil. One of the most magical of the tales from the Brazilian rain forest tells of a boy who is granted the power of healing and creation by the Jaguar-man who guards the dreaming tree. Unfortunately the villagers become jealous of his powers, so he disappears to live with the magical jaguar family under the dreaming tree, and his abilities are lost to his people forever. 

The three tumbling jaguar designs in the DM Twilight Collection tell their own tale. Within the animal three scenes play out : a lamplit river bank, an inviting doorway across the velvety flowing stream, then a row boat with a glowing lantern by its side ready to take you across the water. Where it will lead remains part of the jaguar's mystery. 

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Gail Emerson
Gail Emerson


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