A New Year’s Resolution

Robin Greetinsgs Card The DM Collection

As the calendar turns to another year, our thoughts turn to new beginnings. What better creature from the Collection to inspire a new start than our little robin red breast?

Our New Year’s resolution is renew our Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as email our customers and fans more regularly. Please do find and follow us as we share more of the illustrations, inspiration, design process, product development and DM Collection news in general.

Always a bright spot in a cold drab winter, the robin’s appearance is a sign of warmth returning and the winter inching towards a new spring. Some Native Americans see the bird’s red breast as a sign of the dawning red sun and the bright yellow beak of our robin’s American cousin is seen as the sun’s rays. The cheerful songs it sings have certainly been a ray of sunshine for many a hardy winter gardener as they dig over muddy soil.

Our robin design perfectly captures this juxtaposition of a dull winter with new hope. The brown, windswept landscape and grey cloudy sky along the bird’s back is being encroached upon by the bright pink roses that are growing up the bird’s chest towards that open beak, chirruping its enlivening song. The slender branch our robin is perching on is still bare, but its delicate tips will soon burst into bud.

And where will we be when the spring truly comes and our cheerful robin goes unnoticed in the chorus of less hardy songbirds? At the DM Collection, some exciting new designs are already being sketched out. It will take a while longer to see what final versions emerge, but we hope to share them before the spring is over. Sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of the website) to see the designs as they emerge, and find us on Twitter or Instagram if you’re not following us already.

And what’s your resolution for 2016? Take a look through the Collection for the design that most inspires and motivates you – do tell us which one you choose. Though you can’t do much better than the robin as the ultimate motivator: as well as encouraging us with its cheerful song, as we learnt in our previous blog, this chirpy little creature will peck another to death if provoked! Something to bear in mind when our resolve weakens…

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