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The nature of squirrels

September 29, 2016

A tail with two sides

Do you think of our bushy tailed friends as industrious or mischievous? I think I can both sides lurking in our DM Collection friend. He's in full nut-gathering mode, but wait - is that a twinkle in his eye?

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If you go down to the woods…

September 25, 2016

Woodland takes on a different shape at night: well trodden paths become impassable and bramble ridden, trees groan in the wind, their leaves whispering, and twigs snap in the darkness.  Maybe that noise was just an innocent little rabbit hopping around the dry woodland floor… or could it be one of those escaped pumas you keep hearing about? If it is Pembrey Woods (pictured -image source

A darkened forest steeped in history is a very fertile place for the imagination indeed, and so it's no surprise that these places are hot locations for a variety of mysterious events.

One of the most creative and disturbing entities to allegedly roam our woods is

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A prickly tale

September 21, 2016

How the hedgehog saved the world

DM Hedgehog illustration

The prickly Hedgehog features in many myths and instructive tales across Europe. It is not depicted as an unpleasant spiky character, reflected in Daniel's illustration where he softens the spines into meadowy clover. 

The small creature is said to have helped create the Earth in a tale from some parts of the Balkans. It is also thought the American weather-predicting Groundhog Day was based on a European custom conducted with hedgehogs (which the founding fathers found were not native to the New World). The hedgehog's protruding spikes were even used by Freud to illustrate the inevitable pain of getting close to others, referred to as the Hedgehog's Dilemma. It's in this tale from Bulgaria that the hedgehog really plays the hero:

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Wild Imaginings

September 18, 2016

How the forests grew darker

See the eyes lurking as poor Mole is lost in the woods. This illustration by Richard Johnson for the classic tale of Wind in the Willows shows the dark side of the wood. For centuries early man had lived a tough but harmonious existence alongside or within the Wild Wood, but by 5000 BC, ideas of a different way of living had spread from Syria to northern Europe.  This revolutionary concept enabled man to settle: no longer pressured to continuously move for food or shelter, no longer would they have to succumb to the will of nature, man could now control it. 

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