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The lightness of souls

May 30, 2016

How does the soul fly? In contrast to the flighty lover of fable, another strain of mythology links the butterfly as an embodiment of the... Read More

Ladybird - watercolour in progress

May 28, 2016

I knew this one was going to be tricky! Once I had the drawing finished I went very steady with three reds,  all of which... Read More

Mary's chicken

May 26, 2016

Why are ladybirds called ladybirds?   Ladybirds are named after The Virgin Mary. The name originated in Britain with, "Our lady's bird". There doesn't seem anything... Read More

Bumblebee on a 200 year Journey

May 22, 2016

Is it by chance and luck a piece of great art is created? Here is an example how difficult it is to create great art and... Read More