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Pink Bunny - Card

Pink Bunny - Card

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In the Jataka tales a monkey, an otter, a jackal and a rabbit dedicate themselves to a day of charity during the full moon. Meeting a hungry old beggar the animals decided to help: the monkey collects fruits, the otter goes fishing, and the jackal finds a lizard. The rabbit, sacrifices himself and throws his own body onto the old mans fire. However, the rabbit is unharmed as the beggar reveals himself to be the heavenly God, Sakra. Impressed with the rabbit’s efforts he imprints the image of the rabbit on the moon, and you can still make it out to this very day.

Which is it for you?

Cards are blank inside so can be used for any purpose, such as Thank-you cards, Birthdays or Christmas.

Cards are packed with envelopes and are protected in a cello bag.

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