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Owl from the Wild Wood - Card

Owl from the Wild Wood - Card

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Wisdom is The ability to discern or judge what is true and right. It is to act using knowledge and insight. Athena is the greek goddess of wisdom and she took the owl as her symbol because in Ancient Greece it represented the wise. Was it Athena who was wise or the owl? Well, here is food for thought, owls are nocturnal, and this association with the dark and being able to see in it has something to do with the “wise old owl”. After all if you can see in the dark it would suggest you can see things that others can’t. It is not much more of a leap to suggest that because you can see all things clearly you would be able to asses whether something is true or right. Very wise!

Watercolour illustration of an owl by Daniel Mackie. Printed on High quality 330gsm card. Cards are 7 x 5 inches

Cards are blank inside so can be used for any purpose, such as Thank-you cards, Birthdays or Christmas.

Cards are packed with envelopes and are protected in a cello bag.

Copyright © 2021 Daniel Mackie. All Rights Reserved.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jill Izzard
Sweet beautiful

I shall have difficulty parting with this very beautiful. Fabulous artwork. Jill :) x

Sandy Black
Owl in the wood

This card is lovely great face of an owl.

Margaret Kelly
Super beautiful

Awesome graphics super storyline on back

Alison Williams
Wilder and wilder!

Superb cards! Amazing designs and good quality cards!

Val Hughes
Good surprise

I have bought a great many cards from the DM collection as I love the light hearted humour, the detail of each piece, and, the beautified art work. I thought I had exhausted the choice for my granddaughters birthday, having given her lots of DM cards, when up pops this cheeky owl. Perfect. VH