by Gail Emerson March 10, 2017

"The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings."

Joyce Kilmer, Easter  

What are your favourite signs of the spring returning? Spring appeals to all the senses, and makes its presence felt whether you're in a huge city, the rolling countryside, or living somewhere that offers a happy medium. 

Celebrate all the seasons with the DM Seasonal Card Collection. 

Songbirds are heard again, singing as they start preparing for nesting season. If you're in the right place, you'll spot rookeries springing up in the tree tops as these large, intricate stick-built homes are constructed. Celebrate the sounds of spring with the DM Songbird Collection.

The feel of the air as the weather gets warmer and the gentle breezes replacing the winter winds, tells all sorts of creatures now is a good time to raise their young. Gambolling lambs are the most famous spring baby. Hares are the creature most intoxicated by the fresh spring air. Memorably encapsulated as 'mad march hares', their behaviour turns erratic as they can be seen 'boxing' out in the open countryside as part of their mating ritual. Compare Daniel's Hare designs, including one boxing for a mate! 

It's the sights of spring which are most exciting. The buds forming on the trees with promise blossom. The shoots of the spring daffodils, croci, bluebells and more evoke incredible potential. And if you're lucky, you may even spot an early butterfly once those delicate petals have opened. You can spot flowers intertwined in many DM creatures, but none more so than the Bugs and Butterflies Collection or Meadow Collection (currently available as cards only). 

Get out into the woodlands, and you won't be able to miss that sweet smell of spring. The freshly rain, combined with new flowers and - where it is strongest - an abundance of wild garlic. Which brings us on to taste ... yum!

Get your greetings cards for all the seasons with the DM Seasonal Card Collection

Gail Emerson
Gail Emerson


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