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Dark is the night

November 09, 2016


But it's sure cosy

Night and day are the classic opposites, yet the two darker DM Collections capture quite different sides of the moonlit hours. The DM Nocturnal Collection illustrates a hedgehog, fox, cat and owl at a mysterious midnight, whilst the DM Twilight Collection shows the bunny, jaguar and bear in the soft light of dusk.

Explore the DM Nocturnal Collection then peer into the DM Twilight Collection.


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The jaguar's dusky power

If our domestic cats are crepuscular, as we've previously discovered, then there's a very good chance that their somewhat larger cousins also live a life in half-light.  So far we have covered Daniel's rabbit and bear, but now we must complete the twilight trio: it's time to talk about the mighty and mystical Jaguar! 

Peer into the DM Twilight Collection

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The path home

November 02, 2016


Mother bear's protection

Far from the fearsome grizzly, Daniel's Twilight Bear illustration invites you into a comforting woodland home at the end of a lamplit path. This chimes with the bear's ancient symbolism of care and motherhood which spans different cultures. Indeed the bear is one of the animals which lavishes the most care and protection on its young.

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...the Universe!

Evolution may have swayed the rabbits, rodents, and deer of the world to live a crepuscular twilight life to avoid the threat of day and night predators, but some predators also evolved to follow suit - whether it be to avoid the daytime heat, or to take advantage of certain meandering morsels during the half-light period. Although active during the day and night, the bear family (all eight of them) are predominantly crepuscular opportunists.

Peer into the DM Twilight Collection

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Who get the last laugh?

When it is no longer day, but not quite night, the jaguar and the bunny come out to play. But how do these two diverse creatures get along? It is perhaps usually a case of the rabbit joining the jaguar, not so much for dinner, but rather as dinner.  But this Mexican folktale has the bunny enjoying the last laugh... 

Peer into the DM Twilight Collection

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Why bunnies love twilight

As we touched on in the previous blog, crepuscular critters are so called because they're most active during twilight: but every half-light loving creature has their own reasons as to why they prefer this mystical period of the day. And our friend the bunny has a very compelling reason indeed.

Peer into the DM Twilight Collection .

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The Jaguar

October 20, 2016


The most magical of the big cats

The jaguar roams as the day turns to dusk, and twilight shadows shimmer on its skin. It's no wonder that this most beautiful and mysterious of the big cats is a hero of folktales from all the lands he roams.

See the three tumbling jaguar designs as you peer into the DM Twilight Collection.

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L'heure bleue

October 16, 2016


Welcoming the DM Twilight Collection

falling jaguar Twilight Collection

Some of us bounce out of bed ready to embrace the early morning, and are at their most productive during the ante meridiem period.  Others sluggishly drag themselves out of their slumber, failing to hit a maximum productive peak until later in the day, (I shan't disclose what time of day I'm writing this piece).  But regardless of whether you're a 'lark' or an 'night owl', the human species is fundamentally a 'diurnal' animal, i.e. active during the day. Although did you know, your pet dog - if left to their own devices - would naturally be more active not during the day or night, but during twilight!

Peer into Daniel's new Twilight Collection - capturing this darker time of day. 

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Shape-shifting badgers!

DM Collection badger greeting card

Japanese art work is a huge influence on the DM Collection style, not least Daniel's badger design. In this case it is a very apt combination as the badger features prominently in Japanese folklore. 

Daniel's badger design is available as an art print, greetings card or placemat and coaster set. 

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The Moon Rabbit

October 09, 2016


Teaching morals through myth

Moon Rabbit

The Rabbit or Hare is a popular companion in the DM Collection but how did it its imprint come to be on the moon's surface? We need to look to myth and its origins for the answer. Mankind, (the ultimate adapter), studied the behaviour of their fellow forest dwelling animals, and learnt many invaluable survival skills from them.  They made up stories involving the beasts, and many tales were passed from generation to generation, teaching man what to look for in nature, and most importantly what to avoid. 

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