The Meadow - part I:

A meadow awakens

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O think of it! We shall inform ourselves
Into all sensuous life, the goat-foot Faun,
The Centaur, or the merry bright-eyed Elves
That leave their dancing rings to spite the dawn
Upon the meadows, shall not be more near
Than you and I to nature's mysteries, for we shall hear


Daniel's Meadow Collection evokes this joy and beauty with his stunning grass-clad creatures. Here, Harry, who runs the original market stall in Greenwich, interprets the images in a literary sense... 

"Dawn breaks over a dark, wild meadow.  With a thick layer of mist merging the unruly field with sky, it is as though the meadow was caught in a dream, reluctant to wake from the spell of night.  As the golden sun peeks over the horizon the ghostly haze starts a slow retreat, leaving behind a heavy dew which projects the scent of wild vegetation and fills the air with the kindest of aromatic tones; a smell that can enchant the likes of a human soul, pulling them back to a vague mystical time, maybe from childhood, or possibly beyond.      

Birds sit high upon the trees and bushes to face the rising star and sing to this great giver of life; how long the night was for these feathered sun worshippers we will never know, but they sing as if this morn was the first dawn on Earth.  As the sun rises further still, their song crescendos in the sweet smelling air, and the delicate wild flowers begin to unfold their luminous petals, ready to bask in the glorious light of the day to come.  

Below the luscious green grass a fluffy head pops out of a hole in the ground and sniffs the fresh air for signs of danger: its long powerful ears twisting and tweaking as they strain towards the subtle sonics of dawn.  The creature flinches as a sudden chattering of jackdaws is heard overhead as they set off on a day of mischief: but he's not worried about them, and so with one final snuffle this furry watcher hops out of the sanctuary of the burrow to eat the fresh wet wild grass.  Others follow, cautiously at first, but for this crepuscular animal 'safety in numbers' goes a long way, and it's not long before the youngsters are out, silently chasing one another's cotton wool tail.   

So far dawn has been good to them, but bunnies can't afford to get complacent: our fluffy watcher had better keep at least one ear out, for danger potentially lurks in every idyllic meadow..."

UNTIL 1 MAY ONLY: 20% off the Meadow Collection with checkout code: MAYDAY

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