The hedgehog saves the world

by Daniel Mackie April 04, 2020

Hedgehog made out of grass painting

In a Bulgarian legend The sun and the moon were planning to get married and have a large family. All the animals were invited to the wedding. But just as the ceremony was about to start, the Sun noticed his great friend the hedgehog wasn't there. He couldn't imagine why he would miss the occasion. Concerned, the Sun went to look his friend. 

He was surprised to find his friend chewing on a rock! The Sun asked him if he had forgotten his wedding. Nope, said the hedgehog taking another mouthful of rock!

The hedgehog told the sun that the wedding and all the many sun children the sun would have was all that he was thinking about. 

Confused, the sun asked why the hedgehog was not celebrating. The hedgehog told the sun that he was getting prepared, telling him that the sun's children will roast the earth and all there would be left to eat  would be rocks.

Then the Sun saw the error of his ways and did not marry and have children, but continue with the Moon in just the right balance for the world. This is how the Hedgehog came to save the world.

Hedgehog with grass as spikes watercolour painting

Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie


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