The five best reasons to own a pet!

by Daniel Mackie July 30, 2017

Almost half UK households have an animal member - whether that's a goldfish or a Great Dane. Some say no home is complete without one, but here are five fantastic reasons to get that pet : 

lovebirds greetings card

1. Companionship 
  Animals make great friends. The right pet can provide endless      affection .. or even conversation! (Though, you should never get  parrot only as you want it to speak - many of the most talkative  breeds simply always keep quiet)


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2. Exercise
 It's not only dogs that drag their unfortunate owners out walking  come rain or shine, horse riding is one of the best forms of  exercise and the owners of even the most elegant pony will get  covered in mud exercising their pet (and themselves!) 

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3. Showing off 
 It's not only proud (grand)parents who fill their phone with pictures  of their smallest family members. Devoted "parents" can also fill  their  social media feeds with images of their 'fur babies'' ... some  even have their own accounts! (Hello, to DM's favourite Instagram  fan, Wolfie Bandage Boy)


4. Protection - a feeling of security of having an animal guarding  your home is a big bonus for many pet owners. The Romans used  mockingbirds to announce visitors, but a fierce (or floppy) dog is a  more effective burglar deterrent. 

Hedgehog Greetings Card

5. Comfort and joy! 
 Having a pet has been proven to proven to help mental health.  After all, there's little more comforting that the  feeling of stroking a  small living, breathing creature. Perhaps it's  the daredevils  among us  who are choosing to keep the prickly  Hedgehogs as  small, caged  pets.... stroke if you dare!! 







Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie


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