Celebrating the seasons

by Daniel Mackie March 04, 2017

Have the perfect greetings card all year round

Be prepared for all seasons, with the DM Seasonal Collection Greeting Card Collection.

The DM Collection's creatures are among some of the most affected by the seasons. The Nocturnal Collection depicts our favourite animals in the dark winter nights; the Woodland Collection displays the splendours of the autumnal colour palette; the Bugs and Butterflies Collection rejoices in the summer's flowers; the Songbirds evoke the joy of spring reborn. 

DM Seasonal Collection greeting card pack will make sure you've got those special greetings to hand for all occasions, all year round. 16 high-quality cards, all blank for your own message, subtly evoke the sentiments you want to covey - whether that's sympathy, congratulations, or a heart felt thank-you. 

But where do our seasons come from? Science explains our earth's trajectory around the sun influence the heat and weather through the year. Ancient peoples, whose astrology was less developed, had other ideas. 

The ancient Greeks saw winter as a time of grieving. It started when Athena, goddess of the harvest, mourned whilst her daughter Persephone had to go the underworld for half the year. Why was she seasonally banished? Well, it's all to do with a few pomegranate seeds...

In a South America folktale, the seasons are thought to be a hard fought compromise between the animals. Discussing what the best weather to have would be, the birds called for summer all year long, so they could feel warm and line their nests. The fox and wolf complained they needed a cold winter to make use of their fur coasts and track their prey in the snow. In the end a great argument ensued.

Finally, Elal, son of a giant and a cloud (what a combination!), settled the argument. He declared there would be four seasons, one hot, one cold and the other two transitions to help the animals prepare. That was the end of the conversation.

Shop the  DM Seasonal Collection greeting card pack - 16 cards from the Songbirds, Bugs & Butterflies, Woodland Creatures and Nocturnal Collection. 


Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie


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