Banishing the winter blues - The DM Collection

Banishing the winter blues

January 14, 2017


NEW designs - first look 

DM Meadow Collection - animal art illustrations greeting cards

Famously, some stores begin working on Christmas in June to get things ready to go for the big day. I've always thought it would be a strange experience to be working on snow covered Santas whilst sweltering in a heatwave.

Well, Daniel has been doing rather the opposite this winter. During the cold, dark days he's been busily working on some new designs infused with the joy of spring - resulting in the new DM Meadow Collection.

Rather than a snowy blanket, this Fox, Rabbit, Hare and Fawn are wrapped in a covering of lush grass, infused with flowers of every shade. 

Daisies, buttercups, roses and clover come together, tempting these woodland creatures to venture out of the woodland's shade into the warm sun. In fact, our old friend The Hedgehog would be perfect to join them! 

The DM Meadow Collection is currently only available as greetings cards - with more coming soon.

Gail Emerson
Gail Emerson


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