Lively, loyal or loving...

Which dog suits your personality?

dachshund print

All the creatures in the DM Collection are full of personality but none more so than the Dogs! 

It's no wonder our canine companions are said to be man's best friend, with personalities as varied as their humans'. But what does your favourite breed of dog say about you? See all the DM Dog designs.

One of the most popular pets and it's easy to see why. Labradors are loving, devoted and enthusiastic about almost every activity (possibly excepting a bath!). Who wouldn't want that in their life?

They may be small, but their personalities are very big! Dachshunds are lively, playful, and courageous - to the point of recklessness as they throw themselves into life, often head first! They may be a handful, but they are guaranteed to bring their owner lots of joy at the same time. 

These long-eared canines are often mistaken for morose but in fact they are simply calmer than many other breeds. It's in the quieter moments, they show their owners how loyal and affectionate they are - perfect to create that strong bond. 

Or does another breed have your heart? Whether it's the stubborn Bulldog, the protective Boxer, or the sprightly Yorkie, there's always a canine companion to suit your personality.

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