A tale of two Love Birds

by Daniel Mackie June 23, 2017

The courtship of parrots


More than just bright plumage, Love Birds have equally vibrant personalities and form even stronger bonds. The couple in Daniel's  Love Birds design are simply enjoying each other's company - the perfect card for a wedding, anniversary, or perhaps as a subtle hint to the object of your affections?

This pair were at first bewildered in a chaotic group. They were thrust together and taken on a journey, shrouded in darkness. They barely dared peek at each other as they hung on tightly until they arrived in their new home.

Both looked around trying to assimilate their new surroundings. Some water and food arrived. One ate hungrily, the other was more cautious. With the courage of a full stomach, he started to play. Bobbing up and down, he began to hop a little from foot to foot. The other could not help but feel amused. She joined in. Up and down they bobbed in unison.

Over the days and weeks their games expanded. They danced together, hopping from foot to foot. One showed off hanging from a dangling rope and spinning a little. The other laughed as she had to flap quickly to right herself. They pushed and threw around a little ball, in a game of never-quite catching.

Then, joy of joy, a mirror appeared! For hours they would swoop in on the cheeky creature it contained, always averting their path at the last moment. They never tired of the fun.

The pair grew closer. One day unconsciously they began nuzzling each other. Later when they ate, one fed the other in a romantic act of care. The other reciprocated. They snuggled together each night as they drifted off to sleep.

One day a sheet of paper was left by their cage. They pulled it through the bars and set about it excitedly. Each shredded neat strips which they tucked under their wings like extra feathers. They admired each other's new wings appreciatively - pleased with their accomplishments.

Then one got ill. She was taken away. For hours the other was bereft. Even the mirror could not tempt him to play, and his food was left untouched. When she finally returned the pair were overjoyed to be reunited! How they danced and sang with joy!

Explore Daniel's Love Birds design (available as greetings card only, for now!) or the rest of the Jungle Collection.

Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie


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