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The Rose and the Butterfly

March 12, 2016 1 Comment

Can a flighty creature be faithful and dependable?

Butterfly watercolour Daniel MAckie

This Fable is a peach! It is attributed to Aesop, but I don't think it is one of his. It's a bit too flirty!  It is about constancy.

Butterfly painting in progress. The DM Collection

So, a butterfly fell deeply in love with a beautiful rose. The rose fell in love with the butterfly. She found the dazzling pattern on his wings very attractive and he adored her beautiful scent and gorgeous blush. All went well and much lovemaking was had between them and many vows of faithfulness were whispered.

Butterfly Daniel Mackie The DM Collection

After a while, no doubt exhausted form all the action the butterfly fluttered off blowing kisses at the rose as he left...

A long time later the butterfly came back and the rose was furious with him. She scolded him for not being faithful."I saw you carrying on with all the other flowers, kissing Miss Geranium fluttering around Miss Mignonette until Honey Bee chased you off. I wish he has stung you!"

"Faithful!" laughed the butterfly, "No sooner had I left you than I saw Zephyr kissing you. You carried on scandalously with Mr. Bumble Bee and you made eyes at every single bug you could see. You can't expect any faithfulness from me carrying on like that!"

Butterfly Drawing Daniel Mackie The DM Collection

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Images © Daniel Mackie



1 Response

Maureen Butler
Maureen Butler

August 29, 2016

Nice to have a little story attached to the picture of the Butterfly ,
Gave me a little smile x

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