Boo hoo – The Nile Crocodile illustration

Illustration of a crocodile, River Nile contemporary illustration
Should we be crying over a Crocodile? Perhaps shedding some crocodile tears, just to pretend we care about its fate. apparently the myth about Crocodile tears comes from an anecdote first spread about by a man called Sir John Mandeville back in the 14th century. Crocodiles weep to lure their prey. But the bit I like is that they Weep While eating it! I had no idea crocodiles were so empathetic!
Anyway, here he is, the magnificent beast. The Nile crocodile. Part of my series of paintings about habitat loss. Although the Nile Crocodile is relatively secure and abundant in southern and eastern Africa, The same can’t be said in the central and western parts of its range. This is due to habitat loss and historical poaching.

Poaching Nile crocodiles for their skin was very popular through the mid part of the century. Skins are used to make anything from wallets to boots.
This illustration shows the crocodile with his natural habitat within him, the river and the crocodile hand in hand. You can check out my earlier post about this crocodile illustration here, and a bit about alligators in the sewers of New York here.
Crocodile illustration in progress
You can be sure that this chap won’t be shedding any tears if he eats you for lunch, You can tell he has no empathy by that cold green eye!
Images © Daniel Mackie
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