Can you hear those sirens calling you?

limited edition screen print - ocean swimmer
The third in my ocean series of screen prints. This one is more of a waterman than a sailor, with a nod to the watermen on Hawaii who thing nothing of paddling a long board between O’ahu and Maui. This print is about the ocean. The figure is not really tattooed but his body is a frame for the waves and water within it. All beautiful things come with some peril involved. The Sea is an unforgiving territory that has claimed many lives. The two sirens on the figures legs bear witness to this, they are representations of mermaids that sing sweetly to lure sailors on to rocks. Like all the other prints in this series the figure faces away from us, we can’t know this mans face as we can’t fully know the ocean.
This print is titled, Ocean Swimmer.

This print is printed with 3 colours, light blue, black and white and printed on japanese Atsukuchi paper, which is only 57gsm, but don’t be fooled although this paper is thin it is very strong with a waxy finish which makes the ink stand up on it.
there are only 15 of these.

They are all available in the here 

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