House of illustration – Drawings in progress. Folio Society Book competition

by Daniel Mackie March 12, 2012

These are two illustrations I did for The House of Illustration/Folio Society Illustration Competition. The images below show the progression from sketch through to finished art work.

You can read about the brief on my earlier post

Illustration in progress for “The Bloody Chamber”


sketch for the bloody chamber illustration
First the sketch. I decided to use the scene near the end of the book where the girl is rescued by her mother.
Illustration fro "The Bloody Chamber" in progress
Next I drew out the design on stretched saunders watercolour paper. I stared with cerulean blue to start blocking in the darker areas.
Illustration for "The Bloody Chamber" in progress
Then working with burnt sienna and a bit of Cadmium red start to bring the horse to life.

And the final finished version.

Illustration in progress for “The Company of Wolves”


sketch for the company of wolves illustration
This was one of my first sketches. The scene in the book where the girl banishes her fear as she sees it is no use to her.
illustration for The company of Wolves in progress
And as before I draw out the design on stretched saunders watercolour paper.
Illustration for The Company of Wovles in progress
I use cerulean blue to start as a backwash for the fur of the wolf. I find that although in the finished illustration it is hard to see i started with blue, it adds depth.

And the final piece…

Vist Daniels Shop, The DM Collection

Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie


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