The Cat That Walked by Himself, or in this case, sat by himself.

Cat, watercolour painting in progress

Cat in the Garden

The longest story in Rudyard Kipling’s Just so Stories is, The Cat That Walked by Himself. It explains how all wild animals became domesticated by man except for the wildest of all, the cat. If you have read the story, like me you would have probably found it enchanting.

It is commonly believed that cats were domesticated in ancient Egypt, but there is evidence that cats were domesticated even earlier in the The Neolithic Age (about 10,000 BC.) But are cats really domesticated? As Kipling notes they just seem to have evolved to take advantage of human beings!

This watercolour in progress has a nod towards the just so story in that although this cat is a domestic cat he has something of the wild tiger about him!

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