Greylag Geese Flying through a Thunderstorm

by Daniel Mackie June 08, 2012

Watercolour painting of greylag geese in progressThis painting is going to be on a lampshade.
This is just one part of the overall design. Very japanese! There are three panels altogether that will all join up.

Lazy Geese!

The geese are migratory, moving south or west in winter. The greylag is one of the last to migrate, and the “lag” portion of its name is said to derive from this lagging behind other geese.

There are populations of these geese throughout Europe and America. The population that live in Iceland migrate every winter to the UK usually arriving in Britian in october. They stay until march, then they fly back to Iceland.
Image © Daniel Mackie

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Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie


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