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It’s a Dogs Life!

September 14, 2012


Watercolour painting of a hound
This water colour painting of a hound is now available at my Shop as a card or a print.
You can see it in progress on my earlier post.
According to research your personality type is reflected in the dog you own. Hound dogs tend to be owned by emotionally stable people. For example the first president of America, George Washington owned a hound.
The research conducted by Dr Lance Workman tested 1000 dog owners with a questionable. He found that…..

“People tend to report that their dog’s personality is quite similar to their own, but we wanted to see if these stereotypes actually stand up to scrutiny.”

It seems that in searching for the perfect pet people use the same kind of process they use to find a romantic partner. They seek something of themselves in their choice of dog!



German shepherds or sheepdogs for you, If you are an out going person you want an outgoing dog. Right?

Agreeable and Conscientious?


Sporting dogs like Labrador retrievers and cocker spaniels for you.

Conscientious and Open to New Experiences?


Toy dog for you. This kind or dispels the myth that toy dog owners are airheads. Apparently not! If you own a Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier then you are bright spark. not only are you intelligent, but creative as well.

Conscientious and Extroverted?


It’s a bulldog for you.

Own a Terrier?


No particular personality trait stood out for people who owned terriers. However dog owners taken as a whole were found to be socialble and agreebale.

Any truth in it?

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Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie


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