In amongst the Flowers

by Daniel Mackie May 05, 2016

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us. 

Bugs and butterflies Collection

So said Iris Murdoch in her 1970 novel A Fairly Honourable Defeat. And no month is more joyously filled with flora than May - the month begins with bluebells and takes us to full summer floral displays. Flowers are associated with joy, fertility, rebirth and even enlightenment. Beauty is an obvious connection, but one enshrined in myth with narcissus, anemones and hyacinths all springing from the deaths of beautiful young men according to the ancient Greeks

The DM Bugs and Butterflies Collection takes a closer look into the blooms. There emerges a world of tiny winged creatures, fluttering from stem to stem. These unique illustrations marry the beauty of these flying pollinators' floral homes with their own delicate structure, embodying the joy of a hot summers day. 

The butterfly is bathed in the generous rounded blossom of the bright pink peony, situated on a grassy meadow. The dragonfly is by the water's edge hopping mainly between the yellow-centred white-petalled narcissi. The bumblebee is contenting himself with the sunshine yellow buttercups mixed with the odd daisy. The ladybird is resting by the edge of the corn field, amongst the scarlet poppies. 

This brand new selection depicts the smallest creatures of the DM Collection, but those with the most beautiful habitat. 

The relationship between these small insects and their habitats is one of the most interdependent. Bees and butterflies feast on the nectar of the flowers they visit, but repay the debt by transferring pollen between plants to enable them to reproduce and flower once more. Ladybirds eat the aphids and other pests that can destroy a rose bush or field of crops alike. Dragonflies' eating habits are rather more useful to us humans, as they will munch on mosquitos and other biting flies.

But some separation needs to be kept in this Collection - a particularly peckish dragonfly has been known to eat up a butterfly or even a whole bee!

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Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie


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