The bumblebee

The bumblebee

The impossible flyer

So this little guy was a long time coming. A bumblebee design seemed as impossible as the laws of aerodynamics apparently make flight for this rounded insect with small, slow-flapping wings - but impossible it was not!

I couldn't get the composition right until I took a cue from the butterfly I painted. Make him out of flowers! Yellow ones, buttercups!

Bumble bee drawing/painting in progress Daniel Mackie

Started this one with Cadmium Lemon, then started using Cadmium Yellow.

Bumble Bee Drawing/ Painting in progress Daniel Mackie watercolour

Then in with Hookers Green mixed with Cadmium Yellow to get the light yellower tones and mixed with Prussian Blue to get the darker ones.

Bumble bee drawing /watercolour painting in progress- Daniel Mackie

You can see the finished piece here

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Image © Daniel Mackie

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