Rain, rain go away

Why the frog brings the rain

Girl with frog umbrella Greetings Cards-The DM collection

Rain rain go away ... whilst us Brits often see rain as tiresome at best, much of the world's folklore (particularly from sunnier climes) show rain as a benevolent force. 

The girl with frog umbrella is the only DM Collection design featuring the planet's most dominant animals - one of us humans. The connection of frogs and rain is obvious - the amphibians are never happier than when the world has been opened up into an expanse of soggy puddles. But Navajo legend takes the connection a step further and suggests the frog has the power to call the rain....

A burning branch set the mountain top on fire, threatening the village of the first people. The first woman appeals to the animals for help. A small brown bird offers to pour a jug of water over the flames. The jug is not big enough to quench the fire, and the bird's chest is burnt bright red - giving him his name Robin Red Breast. The mockingbird is bigger, but refuses saying the smoke will spoil her wonderful voice. The snail admits he is too slow, and the village will be burnt before he can get near the fire. The beaver also refuses, as changing the flow of the river would leave his home a desert.

Finally the stork and the frog offer to team up to save the people. Frog soaks her spongy skin in water and the stork carries her over the fire. Squeezing out water, the frog creates a mist of different colours on all sides of the mountain. This quenches the flames and the village is saved.

As a reward the first woman give the crane the name Rainbird and frog the power to call the rain with her distinctive croak. 

Why the first woman couldn't call the rain herself is unclear, but the the frog is a representation of resourcefulness, bravery and generosity. Not unlike this helpful frog umbrella...

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