Crocodile - Print

This print is available in three sizes, 10 x 8 inches, 11 x 14 inches and 14 x 18 inches and is signed by the artist.

Reproduced from Daniel Mackie's watercolour painting, this print is printed on somerset velvet 225gsm fine art paper (10 x 8 inch prints are printed on smooth matt 190gsm paper)

All prints are mounted and backed with white core polar ingress mount board (14 x 18 is double mounted)

Copyright © 2014 Daniel Mackie All Rights Reserved

The Crocodile is an icon of how life can prevail. At the end of the Eocene period from which it is first recognised to have come from (56-35 Million years ago) there was a massive extinction event called Grande Coupure or the “Great Break”. It isolated many species and caused widespread extinctions. The crocodile came through unscathed.

Copyright © 2014 Daniel Mackie All Rights Reserved


Category: Water Animals, Wild Animals