Wolf Pup - Limited Edition Screen Print

The wolf represents bad things, right. Well not always. Recently and in Christianity the wolf is a representation of evil deeds (menacing flocks of sheep etc.). The wolf in the bible is used as a metaphor for evil men with a lust for power and dishonest gain. 

But, in Turkic and Mongolian mythology for example, the wolf is revered. In an old Turkish Myth, the legend of Asena, A she-wolf takes care and nurses a baby left by Chinese soldiers after a raid on a small village. The she-wolf then gave birth to half-wolf, half-human cubs, from whom the Turkic people were born.

3 colour print in ultramarine, white and pink.

This is an Edition of 100 printed on beautiful Japanese Atsukuchi paper, which is only 57gsm. Light but very strong. 485mm x 320mm

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