Chick - Card


Which came first: the chicken or the egg? The question represents an ancient folk paradox addressing the problem of origins and first cause. Aristotle, writing in the fourth century BCE, concluded that this was an infinite sequence, with no true origin. Plutarch, writing four centuries later, specifically highlighted this question as bearing on a “great and weighty problem, Does the world have  a beginning?. In the fifth century CE, Macrobius wrote that while the question seemed trivial, it “should be regarded as one of importance”

Daniel Mackie is the artist behind The DM Collection. This series of watercolours is heavily influenced by the Japanese print makers of the Ukiyo-e period, which flourished between 1670 and 1870. Ukiyo-e was central to forming the West’s perception of Japanese art in the late 19th century, particularly the landscapes of Hokusai and Hiroshige. Like these great masters Daniel seeks to create a harmonious accord between a highly stylised form and the flowing lines of nature, creating decorative designs that lift the spirit and warm the heart.

170mm x 120mm

Cards are blank inside so can be used for any purpose, such as Thank-you cards, Birthdays or Christmas.

Cards are packed with envelopes and are protected in a cello bag.

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