Butterfly - Print


The Butterfly Effect is a concept that small causes can have large effects.  Edward Lorenz coined the term and gave the example of a butterfly flapping its wings in The South Africa   and  causing a  hurricane in New York several weeks later.

This print is available in three sizes, 10 x 8 inches, 11 x 14 inches and 14 x18 inches.

Signed by the artist.

Reproduced from Daniel Mackie's watercolour painting, this print is printed on somerset velvet 225gsm fine art paper. (10 x 8 inch prints are printed on smooth matt 190gsm paper)

All prints are mounted and backed with white core polar ingress mount board. (14 x18 is double mounted)

Copyright © 2016 Daniel Mackie All Rights Reserved


Category: bugs and butterflies, Country, insects