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The Yule Cat

December 04, 2016


 A ferocious feline

Daniel's Cat in the Snow is one of the cutest  - it will melt the heart of even the most ardent cat hater. But whether you're a cat lover or hater, most people have come across one of those bad tempered moggies: the ones the owner warns you about - "you're fine to sit there, just don't stroke her…. and it's probably a good idea not to move too much… oh, she doesn't like people looking at her either, do you princess? HISSSSSS!"

There are some cats though, which even a well experienced cat-lady couldn't befriend...

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Kitten's shelter

November 30, 2016


 How pussy willow got its name

Many a garden is really ruled by cats - whether that's their playground by night or slumbering spot on a sunny day. Daniel's Cat in a Rose Garden design shows a feline presiding over a crop of pink flowers in the grounds of a rather grand mansion. (Look again - it's under the tree.) 

Prowl around the whole DM Cat Collection. 

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  The Christmas toadstool

As we know, Daniel likes to weave a rich and imaginative world into his intricate illustrations, and just when I think I've got to know the ins and outs of a specific composition, I'll discover something which I'd previously missed: it could be the tiniest of flowers, a distant cottage, or a dainty songbird.

One recurring theme which I like to spot is the depiction of one of the most well known toadstools in the world.

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Your pet puss

November 23, 2016


A fearsome huntress

cat licking its paw design

Cats are fastidious creatures - one of the reasons they make such good pets. They are meticulous in washing their paws, especially after eating. Daniel's Cat Licking its Paw has clearly just enjoyed a feast..or is she gearing up to a hunt?

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The Fox

November 20, 2016


A Norseman's Best Friend

The beautiful island known as, errr, Ireland, is surrounded by one vast Atlantic Ocean and one very choppy Irish Sea, so you could forgive the historic inhabitants of the Emerald Isle for wondering how this isolated land acquired its wildlife. 

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Call in the Bad Boys!

Time for me to get out my bottle of masking fluid.  "Oh my lord are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? You fool!", I hear you cry. Anyone who has used watercolour will have seen this stuff and thought "Wow! What a great idea", only to find out quite quickly that the results were not that great and you have clogged up all your sable brushes.

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The DM Christmas Card Collection
Make the Christmas cards you send this year stand out with five of our favourite creatures in Daniel's signature style on a snowy background. The DM Christmas Collection is available at a special price for a set of 15 cards, offering something that little bit more memorable to send to your collection of loved ones. 
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Dark is the night

November 09, 2016


But it's sure cosy

Night and day are the classic opposites, yet the two darker DM Collections capture quite different sides of the moonlit hours. The DM Nocturnal Collection illustrates a hedgehog, fox, cat and owl at a mysterious midnight, whilst the DM Twilight Collection shows the bunny, jaguar and bear in the soft light of dusk.

Explore the DM Nocturnal Collection then peer into the DM Twilight Collection.


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The jaguar's dusky power

If our domestic cats are crepuscular, as we've previously discovered, then there's a very good chance that their somewhat larger cousins also live a life in half-light.  So far we have covered Daniel's rabbit and bear, but now we must complete the twilight trio: it's time to talk about the mighty and mystical Jaguar! 

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The path home

November 02, 2016


Mother bear's protection

Far from the fearsome grizzly, Daniel's Twilight Bear illustration invites you into a comforting woodland home at the end of a lamplit path. This chimes with the bear's ancient symbolism of care and motherhood which spans different cultures. Indeed the bear is one of the animals which lavishes the most care and protection on its young.

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